Stories of life, food and travel by Sara White, a Canadian girl living in Rome, Italy.

Recently Written

One day in the city of chaos and pizza

November 29 2012

A weekend in southern Sicily

November 14 2012

Zuppa di zucca and the hunt for a common kitchen appliance

October 27 2012

Seasonal incongruence

October 23 2012

Thoughts on food and a classic Roman recipe

October 15 2012

Scenes from Roman life

October 11 2012

Life, translated: Thoughts on my first few weeks in Rome

October 08 2012

In which I rhapsodize about a plate of spaghetti

October 05 2012

The Eurotrip, parts three and four: Sarlat and Paris

October 01 2012

The Eurotrip, part two: Cinque Terre

September 28 2012

The Eurotrip, part one: Siena, Italy

September 20 2012

In the streets of Rome

September 06 2012