The sudden season

Posted 11 May 2016 and filed under Personal

It’s May. Nearly mid-May, actually, since the first part of the month seems to have spun away into nothingness without me noticing anything, rushing past while my mind was telling me that we were still lingering somewhere near the beginning of April.

May means that we’re deep into the heart of spring, a season that always manages to surprise me. Winter in Rome is such an undramatic, subtle affair that I never really notice its arrival; the trees shed their leaves so slowly, and the vines cling to their colour and foliage for so long that I start to wonder whether they’ll just turn green again in a couple of months. Even the weather is generally unremarkable, chilly but not truly cold, damp but rarely continuously waterlogged. 

Grey skies over Rome in winter. Photo by Sara White.
A vine-draped building in Rome, in winter. Photo by Sara White.

It seems like such an anticlimactic season should fade out quietly and slide smoothly into spring. But spring in Rome happens suddenly – one day the trees lining the Lungotevere are spindly and bare and buildings are still draped with the dead, woody bits of last year’s vines, and then, almost overnight, the whole city explodes into bloom.

Wisteria in bloom in Rome. Photo by Sara White.Wisteria in bloom in Rome. Photo by Sara White.
A vine-draped doorway in Rome, Italy. Photo by Sara White.A restaurant doorway surrounded by Jasmine in bloom. Photo by Sara White.

Long strands of ivy cascade from roofs. Wisteria forms intensely perfumed canopies over entire courtyards. Vines climb their way up every available surface, clinging to walls that were bare a few days ago, and jasmine erupts into millions of tiny, fragrant blossoms. I find it irresistible, this abrupt shift from melancholy wintery Rome to bright, vibrant springtime Rome. It doesn’t last for long – soon, the temperature will start to creep steadily upwards until it’s undeniably summer – but for as long as it lingers, it’s wonderful.

Men playing cards outside in Spring. Rome, Italy. Photo by Sara White.
A wine bar with an outdoor terrace in Rome, Italy. Photo by Sara White.A building covered in blooming Jasmine. Photo by Sara White.
Roses in bloom in Rome, Italy. Photo by Sara White.

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david says:

You have definitely capture the Roma Spring season in description and photography. You make one feel they are traveling along beside you. I have to pinch myself to see if I have fallen into a dream!

12 May 2016 at 9:47 pm

Megan | Red Around The World says:

I love your photography perspective so much! I really enjoy that it gives a more intimate feel to a place, like I’m actually there. Wonderful!

18 February 2017 at 4:22 pm

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